“How important is Money to Your Organization?

Fact! Lack of Financial Skills
is a Major Problem for many Associations”

“Empower Your Members with Financial Wisdom

And Put Some Money in Your Pocket”

Guy is the ideal Speaker for Organizations and Association to bring in for?

  • 90 minute of “Edutainment” Educating & Entertaining “Talk That Makes $ense”
  • Keynote Conference
  • Break out Workshops

Guy is the ideal Speaker for Your Next Conference, Meeting, Training, Educational Track or Member Empowerment Program.

He has been speaking to Organizations and Associations across the country since 1982

His teaching personal growth through financial education is based on his years as an Executive Director in Corporate Affairs/Finance and the principles of freedom and prosperity our great country was founded upon.

Guy’s electrifying humor and “no nonsense” delivery will captivate your members.

If you want to “look good” as an event coordinator and meeting planner bring Guy Swiatlowski in for your next event.

Guy will share with your audience “Money Mastery for Busy Organizations” – Getting Control of Credit Now and Forever. Guy will share every secret to how coin, credit and circulation really works. Your Organization will be able to easily reduce stress and be more productive once Guy reveals these secrets.

WHY are there some smart people having financial issues these days?  That Financial Anxiety is the number one cause for lack of productivity!  Today more consumers are plagued by pitfalls that set them back financially than ever before.  Bombarded with offers of quick and easy credit, buy-now-pay-later has fast become the American Way.

  • Learn How to Increase Your Cash Flow
  • Learn Smart Money Management Secrets known only by the Super Rich and Giant Corporations
  • Learn how to significantly reduce your debt liability
  • Learn what the New Credit Laws Really say
  • Learn how to take advantage of tax deductions
  • Learn the real truth of wealth

“Ignorance Deprives Men Of Freedoms, Because They Do Not Know What Alternative There Are.  It Is Impossible To Choose To Do What One Has Never Heard Of”.

Ralph Barton Perry

There are only two ways to create wealth and prosperity, come join the next American

Millionaires talk and find out how:

To Find Out How Guy Swiatlowski Can Empower,
Educate and Inspire Your Members Call… (508) 982-8155

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