“A Fun, Entertaining & No Nonsense Speaker Who Will Financially Empower Your Employees and Make Them Less Stressed & More Productive”

  • 90 minute “Talk That Makes $ense”
  • Keynote Conference
  • Break out workshops
  • Employee Assistance Programs (EAP)

“Guy is the ideal Speaker for Your Next, Conference, Meeting, Training, Educational Track Employee Empowerment Program.”

He has been speaking to Corporations All across the country Since 1982.

His teaching of personal growth through financial education is based on his years as an Executive Director of Corporate Affairs and Finance.

Guy’s electrifying and “straight to the point” delivery will captivate and inspire your team.

If you want to “look good” as an event coordinator and meeting planner bring Guy Swiatlowski in for your next event.

Guy will share with your Employees “Key Concepts for Budget Control” – A major source of stress for employees is not being in control of spending – that feeling like there’s never enough. Guy will help your Employees learn the financial secrets to get ahead no matter how much their current salary is.

Financial Anxiety is the number one cause for lack of production in the workplace!

Today more employees are plagued by pitfalls that set them back financially than ever before.

Bombarded with offers of quick and easy credit, buy-now-pay-later has fast become the American Way.

Let’s face it, in business when someone is experiencing financial difficulties, it affects their job, the workplace and your company’s bottom line.

It is almost impossible to leave your personal life “at the door” when you come to work.

You Can Count on Guy Swiatlowski!

  • Increase Pay Checks without a Raise!  Here’s How
  • Getting Organized For Greater Effectiveness at Work
  • Debt, Credit and Personal Finance re-boot
  • Critical thinking skills that will make them successful at work and in their personal life.Why yesterday’s solutions don’t solve current financial problems.

Most companies have an employee assistance programs designed to target alcoholism, drug abuse and marital problems.  It’s been our experience that most personal crises stem from money issues.

Face It! Money Effects Every Aspect of Your Employee’s Lives. Your Employees Effect Every Aspect of Your Bottom Line.

To Find Out How Guy Swiatlowski Can Empower and Inspire Your Team Call…(508) 982-8155

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