“Fact! Lack of Financial Skills is Major
Problem for College Students”

Empower Your Students with Financial Wisdom
Most Only Learn “The Hard Way”

Dear College Event Coordinator,

If you’re on this page – you’re looking for a speaker for your next event.

Good news…

“Guy Swiatlowski is the ideal Speaker for Your Next Orientation, Event or Graduation.

His Specialty is Adult Education Programs.

Whether you want a…

  • 90 minute of “Edutainment” Educating & Entertaining “Talk That Makes $ense”
  • Keynote Conference
  • Break out workshops

Guy has been speaking to Colleges, Universities, Corporations and Associations all across the country Since 1982

His teaching personal growth through financial education is based on his years as an Executive Director of Corporate Affairs/Finance and the principles of freedom and prosperity our great country was founded upon.

Guy’s electrifying and “no nonsense” delivery will captivate your students.

The best part is he instills the principles of financial education in a fun way using stories and humor.

If you desire praise for procuring your next speaker call Guy Swiatlowski to speak for your next event.

Guy will share with your students…

  • “The First Step Toward Personal Empowerment and Financial Freedom,” Without This, Nothing Else is Possible.
  • Learn Now Or Pay Later for Young Adults
  • Getting Organized For Greater Effectiveness
  • Why yesterday’s solutions don’t solve current financial problems.
  • Debt, Credit and Personal Finance for Young Adults
  • How’s Your Relationship … with Money?
  • What’s more important than your GPA?
  • Credit How it Really Works
  • How Credit Scores and Credit Reports affect your relationships
  • Read the Contract!

Terms & Conditions change, usually for the benefit of the Banks

Before you say “I DO” Check the DEBT!

Yes, you can graduate College with a 4.0 GPA, but you can be denied an Apartment, a Car and even a Job because of it.

To Find Out How Guy Swiatlowski Can Empower and Inspire Your Young Students

Call … (508) 982-8155

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