8 Steps to Taking Control of Your Financial Future

There’s a Reason Why Many Wonderful, Kind, Caring and Loving People Struggle With Money All Their Lives.

Too many nice folks are…

  • Living just a paycheck or two from financial failure.
  • Constantly stressed about Money.
  • Feel like there’s never enough.
  • Fight about Money.
  • Don’t know where to turn.
  • Wishing the problem would just go away.

But it Doesn’t Go Away.

Day after day, week after week, month after month and year after year – the stress is still there.

Want to Know Why You’re Not Where You Want to Be Financially?

This may sound simple… The truth is there are certain things you just DON’T KNOW.

Your Ultimate Financial Freedom Starts With Your Financial Education.

It starts with you learning the real truth about money. The truth you didn’t learn in school. The truth that is purposely withheld from you. 90% of us get our financial education from our parents.

Unfortunately, Most parents… never had any formal training…when it comes to money management. Your Parents are Not to Blame Either!

For the first time ever in history the Government, Businesses & People are spending more than they make.

Consumer debt is over 2 Trillion dollars. Our National Savings rate is extremely low!

You might even have a “good income” and are still forced to live paycheck to paycheck. People are buried in credit card debt. How could this happen?

How much money “training” have you had in your formal schooling?  Not much!

The financial choices that confront You are more challenging than ever. You’re faced with a variety of financial issues that didn’t exist 10 to 15 years ago.  The decisions you make now – Or in the next few years will have profound consequences on your future … IF you do not learn sound money management skills Now … you will definitely pay later.

The Good News…

Getting Control of Your Money Starts NOW with your choice to keep reading!

My name is Guy Swiatlowski and I’ve been helping, individuals, couples and companies reach their financial goals since 1982.

The mission I’m on is to help you achieve your financial dreams.

You Can Discover Every Secret About Money I’ve Learned over my 30 Year Career –

All From The Comfort of Your Own Home With My…

“Your Budget 4-Life Home Study Program”

This Course is For You If You Can Answer Yes to Just One of These Questions…

Budget Coach Home Study CourseDo you…

  • Carry a high debt to Income Ratio?
  • Pay only monthly minimums or miss payments on credit?
  • Suspect You Are “Living Beyond Your Means?
  • Have You Ever Consolidated Debts by Borrowing From High-Interest Lenders?
  • Depend on Overtime or Moonlighting to Cover Monthly Bills?
  • Find it impossible to save money?
  • Panic When Faced With an Unexpected Expense, Such as a Car or House Repair?
  • Hope that check’s you’ve written don’t clear the bank before payday?
  • Borrow from friends and relatives to cover basic expenses?

It’s Time We Finally Put an End to Your Money Problems

Here’s how “Your Budget 4-Life works…

We’ll  Start by Aligning Your Financial Goals With Your Life Goals.

Getting Organized: We’ll Put an End to “The Financial Chaos”

Time Management: We’ll Help You Get Control on Your Time – This is so Important to Your Financial Freedom – Remember the expression “Time is Money”

Credit: You’ll Learn to Use Credit to Your Benefit NOT Your Detriment. In this section everything related to credit is covered. In fact, once you go through this section you’ll know more about credit than the average “talking head” you see on the news!

Budgeting: The next section is all about Proper Budgeting. We’ll break this down so you can finally feel good about your budget.

Once you’re in control you’ll be ready for step 6…

Saving & Investing: You’ll be given the Secrets to Interest, The Rule of 72, Risk vs. Return, Diversification, Taxes, Inflation and More. Yes! You Can Save, You Can Put Money Away & Budget 4 Life Will Show You How!

Next. We’ll Boost Your “Money Confidence” with Step 7 and show you..

How to Survive and Ultimately Beat a Financial Crisis

You’ll UN-cover the secrets to coming out a winner, even when the odds are against you.

The First 7 Steps Will Get You Ready for Step 8…

Your Ultimate Financial Plan: Grabbing Hold of Your Financial Freedom…

In this step you’ll learn how to take control of and ultimately create your prosperous financial future.

In addition you’ll receive “Your Budget 4-Life” FORMS section: The FORMS section is a Financial Wellness Program in and of its-self designed to allow you to pick and choose which FORM(S) you need to fix the most urgent financial problems first.  Simply by choosing the category then the series of forms you’ll need to cure your financial pain.

Bonus …

You’ll get a Complimentary CD:  “ID Theft & Credit Card Fraud” and how to protect yourself. This has been the number 1 consumer complaint in America for the past 7 years.

So how much is the investment for the “only personal finance program you’ll ever need?”

What is the investment to help you take control of your financial destiny?

Here’s the good news…

It’s Only $180.00 or 3 payments of $60.00

Press the “Add to Cart Bottom” Now to be On Your Way to Eliminating Financial Stress From Your Life.

Home Study Financial Course

Get Started Now! You’re Protected With Our Money Back Guarantee?

Go through the course. If you really don’t believe me when I tell you it will transform every aspect of your financial life and finally put you in control – just send it back for a full refund.

Yours Truly,

Guy Swiatlowski

Managing Director

Budget Coach Consultants

PS: Remember, you’re getting the 8 Steps to Financial Freedom and My Valuable Bonuses for Just ($177.00) or 3 payments of $59.00.

PPS: Press the “Add to Cart Button” You Are Protected With My (Money Back Guarantee?)
Home Study Financial Course

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