Your Path to Financial Freedom With
Guidance Every Step of The Way…

In addition to receiving the “Your Budget 4-Life” kit we offer a program to help you implement everything you’re learning to hold you accountable and keep you on track to Financial Freedom.

Personal Budget Coaching:  Personal Budget Coaching is available to those people seeking additional personal financial attention.  We offer a 3 month, 6 month and 12 month program using our “Your Budget 4-Life” program.

You will receive 3 – 1 hour telephone meetings with a Budget Coach Consultant. Their goal is to walk you through the program and help identify which areas must be worked on right away.

Your Home Study Course Will Be Used to Walk You Through Each Step Toward Your Ultimate Financial Freedom.  Plus, You will receive 3 – 1 hour telephone meetings with a Personal Budget Coach.

Your 3 Month Financial Freedom Plan
& Personal Coaching Includes…

    1. A Budgeting Program for tracking and comparing personal spending.
    2. 3 ½ Hours of Audio CD’s and Educational Materials on Debt, Credit & Personal Finance.
    3. Meet with a Personal Budget Coach at scheduled monthly meetings to hold you accountable and to walk you through curing your financial pains with lasting solutions.

As a Bonus of our Budget 4 Life Coaching…

You’ll receive FREE … An audio CD of
“ID Theft & Credit Card Fraud”

and an Informational package on
how to protect yourself from it.

This has been the number 1 consumer complaint in America for the past 7 years.

Coaching Clients are astonished to find after aligning their monthly budget with their life’s goals and purpose how everything seems to fall into place.

Your transformation: As we go through our program with you – you will be less stressed, have a clearer sense of direction and better self –esteem.

Here’s How to Start…

Request Your Confidential Application Here.

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