When You Took Your Vows You Didn’t Agree to…

“Till Debt Do You Part”

For too many couples debt is where it ends!

But Not You! – We have a solution…

Personal Financial Coaching for Couples Can Help You Take the Edge off and Regain Control.

Your Personal Budget Coach for Couples Only will help guide you both through the basic understanding of money management for couples.

When there are two unique individuals with unique career objectives and goals and they get married.

  • Do you throw it all away to get married?
  • Does someone have to take a back seat?
  • How do you achieve your collective goals?

Your Budget 4-Life Kit with a Personal Coach is a comprehensive program for couples looking to achieve Financial Stability for their family.

We offer a 3 month minimum, 6 month and 12 month program using our proprietary “Your Budget 4-Life” program tailored just for couples.

The philosophy of our programs is to help couples learn the Financial Planning Process and its benefits, apply the process through assignments that relate to their experiences with money, and take control of their finances starting today.

You will receive 3 – 1 hour telephone meetings with a Budget Coach Consultant.Their goal is to walk you through the program and help identify which areas must be worked on right away.

Your 3 Month Financial Freedom Plan & Personal Coaching Includes;

Your Home Study Course which Will Be Used to Walk You Through Each Step Toward Your Ultimate Financial Freedom. Plus, You will receive 3 – 1 hour telephone meetings with a Personal Budget Coach. You can do all of this without leaving home.

    1. Getting Organized, We’ll Put an End to “The Financial Chaos”
    2. We’ll walk you through every step of the way as you make your “Financial Turn Around”
    3. Meet your Personal Coach on the scheduled monthly meetings.

Here’s How to Start…

Request Your Confidential Application Here…

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