Your Business’s Financial Health Might Be At Risk

  • Most employees don’t understand business
  • They don’t know how their particular business works
  • They don’t know their competition
  • They don’t know the profits margins
  • They don’t know the Organization Chart

AND they need too!

The more employees know about your business the better your company will be and the more profitable it will be. It makes them so much better as employees.

A company works like a big team competing against other teams in the same industry.

If goals are not properly aligned then someone in manufacturing, engineering, accounting, finance, technology, shipping & receiving, night crew and maintenance will mis-interpret the game plan and the company (team) won’t win or score.

Learning basic organization and time management skills will more effectively run your desk, meetings, and better understand your daily business functions.

How Healthy Are Your Employee’s Financially?

We hear a lot these days about “Healthcare” – But what about Financial Health?

Yes, you pay them good. But you can’t control their lack of financial knowledge.

If your employees are pre-occupied with financial matters at home they CAN”T give you 100% effort at work.

So let us help protect your bottom line … by helping to protect you and your employees.

We have designed a dynamic workplace educational workshop regarding both organizational skills and time Management, with debt, credit & personal finance which can be customized for your specific company needs. The workshops provide employees, with the education that is vital to running a business and also help employees regain control of their finances, relationships and ultimately their lives in general.

We know this additional employee benefit will have a long lasting effect on your business culture, employees’ morale and their personal productivity.

We offer various options to participate for your convenience;

  • Sponsorship Programs, Hosting and B2B opportunities
  • Hour-long “Luncheon Learn” workshops
  • After hours workshops (For Couples)

Depending upon the level of company sponsorship and time each employee will receive a “Your Budget 4-Life” Kit. Or the appropriate course handouts.

In addition to receiving your budget kit, you will be invited to attend a series of Personal Budget Workshops, selected by your employer, using the “Your Budget 4-Life” curriculum.

Here’s what to expect and how our Business Financial Coaching Program Works…

Module 1. Economics: Today adults are faced with financial choices that didn’t exist 10 to 15 years ago.  You need to know how to protect yourselves and family.

Module 2. Getting Organized: Organizing an efficient work flow process for your personal desks responsibility.

Module 3. Time Management:  We’ll Help You Get Control on Your Time – This is so Important to Your Personal Productivity at work.

Module 4. Credit: You’ll Learn to Use Credit to Your Benefit NOT Your Detriment. In this section everything related to credit is covered. In fact, once you go through this section you’ll know more about credit than the average “talking head” you see on the news!

Module 5. Budgeting Revisit: The next section is all about Proper Budgeting. We’ll break this down so you can finally feel good about your budget.

Other workshops include; Financial Crisis – ID Theft and Credit Card Fraud – Home Ownership and Student Loans.

Here’s How to Start…

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