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Secrets of Financial FreedomSecrets of Financial Freedom Revealed: 1 DVD set

This is a fascinating and brilliant overview of the world’s financial history presented in a way that finally Connect all the dots.  By following the money changers throughout history you can follow all the worlds’ action. A very informative and entertaining look at our country’s true financial problems, current & past, and Don Reveals secrets about protecting wealth known only by the super-rich and corporations. Ways to protect you and your family.

Man’s quest for sovereignty in memory of Don Fletcher – 2/23/1991

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A Video Guide to Debt, Credit & Personal Finance:

2 Hrs. DVD $19.00Learn Now or Pay Later Live from Hallmark Institute of Photography in Turners Fall, Massachusetts. It is an entertaining & educational talk on money management to young entrepreneurs & business owners. How today young adults are faced with a variety of financial choices that didn’t exist 10 to 15 years ago. What is money?

  • How is your relationship with money?
  • What is Credit? What are the 5 major categories that comprise a credit score?
  • The Secret formula to building wealth

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TCSB 2012

Toxic Currency: Book… Pre-Order Now

Could seers 3,000 years ago have a better understanding of commerce, the legal exchange among people and the nature of man than our current leaders? Today’s economic calamity will be clear once you understand our toxic currency and the (international) law or merchant law of negotiable instruments.

Rev 13:17-18
Published by Liberty Press

Written by Guy Swiatlowski


A Budget Coach Guide to Debt, Credit & Personal FinanceA Budget Coach Guide to Debt, Credit & Personal Finance

Learn Now & Play Later (Soft Cover) A great money management guide on basic Debt, Credit and Personal Finance.Topics include; Budgeting, Journalizing, Savings/investing, How Credit Works, Getting your Credit Reports, Understanding Credit Scores, Knowing your Rights, Balancing & Reconciling your Checking Account and more.

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TACD 1981

Tax Alternatives: 3 CD set – Covering Economics, History and Taxes

Tax AlternativesA very informative and entertaining look at, why people with Jobs are always broke?

How did this happen? What can we do about it … Protect ourselves and family?

In memory of Don Fletcher – 1981

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 ICD 1984

IllusionsIllusions: 2 CD set about Taxes, Business & You

A talk about Professional Planning …Finance, Tax and Retirement from a Christian perspective.

Neil Christal 1984

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TLCD 2012

The LawThe Law:  CD 1hr.20 min

Written in 1849 by French legislator Frederic Bastiat who describes the true lawful functions & power of the government, which is to protect our Lives, our Liberties & our Property. This is what we are all  thinking about but Bastiat puts it so eloquently & it seems so obvious when you first hear it.

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YB4-L Kit 2012

Your Budget 4-Life Kit: Home Study Course – w/Personal Coaching Available

A Home Study course on time management and basic debt, credit and personal finance –

The Kit includes YB4-L Program, 3.5 Hours of Project Presentation Video, 3.5 Hours Audio CD – MP3 Format, 12 months daily planners, #1 plastic storage box, 1 yearly calendar, 12 monthly of expense envelopes, FORMS and sample letters.

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