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Guy Swiatlowski is a frequent Keynote Speaker for Chamber of Commerce and other civic groups. He also provides entertaining and informative lectures and workshops at universities, and non-profit businesses organizations regarding debt, credit and personal finance.

Mr. Swiatlowski is an AFCPE-accredited credit counselor and IFL/CFC Certified Educator in Personal Finance who is recognized as an expert in the personal finance field. Has held the position of “Executive Director of Operations & Corporate Affairs” with two National Credit counseling Agency’s in Boston Massachusetts.

Prior to that, he was responsible for the “Cash Management” and investment accounting at Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) where investments reached in excess of $250 million dollars per day.

Guy has worked for both Rockwell International and McDonnell Douglas aircraft in southern California on the government B1B and C17 programs where he evaluated budgets and proposals … was responsible for capital needs analysis of 7 aerospace laboratories valued at approximately half a billion dollars.

He has Co-authored two financial management books called “Learn Now or Pay Later” and “LNPL for Young Adults” which developed into a television series for college students.

Guy Co-developed, Net Gain Financial Literacy program in conjunction with the Naismith Memorial Basketball Hall of Fame and USA Today newspaper.

He has hosted a syndicated weekly radio talk show on Internet Radio at Cyber station USA.com.

Guy has been interviewed for a variety of news segments by such media outlets as CNN, CN8, Bankrate.com, CreditCards.com, The Wall Street Journal, WWLP, WGGB, and CBS-3 Springfield.

Building on his knowledge of business and finance, Guy actively advises on establishing educational strategies which increase personal wealth, and lasting personal values.

Guy’s forthcoming book called “Toxic Currency” is based on two decades of “frontline” experience and research of debt, credit and circulation. What the lack of knowledge has done to people worldwide and has turned them into a beast of labor.

His inspiring talks on money and financial freedom are based on this country’s beginnings of prosperity and the foundation by which it grew strong. Those principals, attributes and values which forged our Faith, Hope and Charity.

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